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Common Counsel Foundation is home to the Abelard Foundation West, Acorn Foundation, Kindle Project, the Victor and Lorraine Honig Fund, the Grassroots Exchange Fund, Native Voices Rising, the Social and Economic Justice Fund, and a range of other independent foundations and donor advised funds.

Common Counsel Foundation accepts open Letters of Inquiry (LOI) two times a year – January 15 and June 15. If that date falls on a holiday or weekend day, the deadline would be the next business day. 

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Abelard Foundation West

The Abelard Foundation is a family foundation with 50 years of experience in progressive philanthropy. The Foundation is committed to supporting grassroots social change organizations in predominantly low-income communities and communities of color that seek to expand community control over economic, social and environmental decisions affecting their communities’ wellbeing. Abelard Foundation has an open Letter of Inquiry (LOI) process for qualifying organizations, however full proposals are accepted by invitation only.

Acorn Foundation

Established in 1978, the Acorn Foundation is a family foundation dedicated to supporting community-based organizations working for environmental conservation, sustainability and environmental justice. Acorn Foundation has an open Letter of Inquiry (LOI) process for qualifying organizations, however full proposals are accepted by invitation only.

Kindle Project

The Kindle Project provides “out of the box” funding to people and projects taking meaningful risks to advance change. Kindle prioritizes organizations and projects that approach their work with creativity, innovation, resiliency, collaboration, humor, and courage. More information about Kindle’s innovative efforts can be found on their website


Victor and Lorraine Honig Fund

The Victor and Lorraine Honig Fund has operated for over 30 years to support community organizations that are working to advance equality, opportunity, justice, and civil rights for low-income communities and communities of color in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond.  The Fund also works to support organizations that connect local social justice efforts with national and international movements for peace and justice.  Proposals are accepted by invitation only.




Grassroots Exchange Fund 

The Grassroots Exchange Fund is a community-guided rapid response small grants program established to build bridges between grassroots social and environmental justice organizations throughout the United States. GXF grants help community-based organizations to engage in collaborative campaigns, strengthen key cross-region and cross-sector movements, and participate in organizing and technical assistance trainings. GXF has an open application process for qualifying organizations. Deadlines are on a monthly cycle (February-November).


Native Voices Rising

Native Voices Rising, a project of Common Counsel Foundation and Native Americans in Philanthropy, is a research and re-granting project designed to support grassroots groups led by and for Native communities in American Indian, Alaska Native, and Native Hawaiian communities.


Social and Economic Justice Fund (SEJ)

Common Counsel Foundation’s Social and Economic Justice Fund is designed to support collaboration and movement building among community-based organizations and their allies, in order to deepen the effectiveness of their efforts to advance social, racial, economic and environmental justice. Proposals are accepted by invitation only.


Still We Rise Fund

As conditions rapidly change in the current political environment, the Still We Rise Fund’s goals are to facilitate, scale and accelerate the delivery of responsive funding to a diverse range of membership-led, community-based organizations that are organizing in vulnerable communities across the country (e.g. immigrant, Black, Arab and Muslim, Native-American, women, working-class, LGBTQ people, and environmental justice communities). Deadlines are on a monthly cycle.