Grassroots Exchange Fund Updated for COVID19 - Common Counsel Foundation

General Information

Common Counsel’s Grassroots Exchange Fund is a rapid response small grants program designed to support networking and collaboration between grassroots social change and environmental justice organizations throughout the United States. GXF prioritizes grants to small community-based groups seeking to meet face-to-face with other grassroots organizations, to build collaborative campaigns, and to benefit from technical assistance opportunities.

The program strives to meet four central goals:

  • To strengthen the ability of community organizations to participate in public debates
  • To strengthen key cross-region and cross-sector movements
  • To contribute to collaborative policy victories in the realms of social, environmental
    and economic justice
  • To support community organizations if they need to adjust their networking, collaboration, or organizing strategies in response to the COVID19/coronavirus pandemic. Examples include but are not limited to support for online meeting or online organizing technology and training, language translation and interpretation, emergency stipends for organizers/grassroots leaders, PPE (personal protective equipment) or other supplies to enable safer in-person meetings, etc)

Grant-making Information

The first step in applying to the Grassroots Exchange Fund (GXF) is to ensure that your organization is a good fit for the GXF grant program (this will save both your time and ours). Organizations that meet the eligibility and funding criteria are encouraged to submit the GXF Application Form online.

Starting in June 2020, GXF grants will be distributed on a twice-monthly rolling cycle through November.  Applications submitted by the first Monday of each month that a cycle is running will be reviewed for consideration in the first half of the month. Applications submitted by the third Monday of each month will be reviewed for consideration in the second half of the month. Turnaround time for requests to be processed and reviewed by our grants committee is approximately 2 weeks from the deadline.

GXF does not provide funds for events/exchanges that have already occurred. Therefore, please submit applications 2-3 weeks in advance of the application due date. If your request is urgent and not possible to submit in this timeframe, please contact to see if an expedited review is possible. Organizations are only eligible for one GXF grant annually.

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