A Future that is Just and Fair

Common Counsel Foundation is saddened and outraged by the rise of visible, violent, alt-right, neo-nazi activity in the United States.

We offer this piece authored earlier this year by our colleague Nat Chioke Williams, as a beacon of hope and a call to action for establishing a future that is fair and equitable for all residents of the country. We hope you will be inspired to read and think it through, discuss his points with family, friends and colleagues and consider how you can help support the goal of creating an inclusive and just society for all.

"We have perhaps never been closer to ending white supremacy as we are right now. This is a boldĀ statement and you probably think I am in a state of deep denial, but hear me out. To be clear, I did not say that white supremacy will end soon. Indeed, it will be emboldened during the Trump era, and continue to evolve and persist for the foreseeable future. ...I believe we are closer than ever before to ending white supremacy because... "

Please click here to read the full article. This was an excerpt from an article written by Nat Chioke Williams, Executive Director of Hill-Snowdon Foundation.