Common Counsel Family Funds - Common Counsel Foundation

Each family or individual who participates in this giving program works closely with Common Counsel to develop a customized grant-making program for their funds to maximize grant dollars and minimize overhead costs.

Our flexible and tailored services enable you to create a specialized plan for your philanthropy that best reflects the mission of your fund, foundation, or trustees. We support trustees with program design, grant-making, administrative record keeping, and money management that emphasizes our mutual commitment to social, economic and environmental justice.

Benefits of Family Foundation membership in Common Counsel 

  • Efficient and customized grantmaking services that are personally designed to reflect your interests and objectives
  • Opportunities for collaborative grant-making with other member funds
  • Opportunities to learn from experienced staff and board that include other donors as well as community organizers who can help you maximize the philanthropic impact of your contributions
  • Opportunities to connect with other funders through shared-membership in affinity groups such as the Environmental Grantmakers Association, the Neighborhood Funders Group, the National Network of Grantmakers, and the Council on Foundations Family Foundations network
  • Excellent and comprehensive administrative management of grant-making activities
  • Lower overhead costs
  • Shared values between staff, board, member funds and organizations
  • Timely and responsive grantmaking. Common Counsel’s staff and board are attuned to the special needs of grantees and strive to provide support when it is most needed.

“Family grantmaking with Common Counsel is a pleasure. We get educated about issues that never appear in the media. We learn about struggles that real people, such as taxi drivers, single moms and immigrants, face in their daily lives. Without Common Counsel, our family wouldn’t know about the successful organizations that work to improve the lives of these working families and the policies that affect them. We also have a great level of trust and harmony with Common Counsel staff. Family and staff sit comfortably together for foundation meetings. We ask all sorts of questions and are very confident with the depth and quality of the information they share with us to better inform our grantmaking.”

– Abelard Foundation Trustee