Social & Economic Justice Fund - Common Counsel Foundation

Common Counsel Foundation’s Social and Economic Justice Fund is designed to support collaboration and movement building among community-based organizations and their allies, in order to deepen the effectiveness of their efforts to advance social, racial, economic and environmental justice.

Many of the problems that cause social, racial, economic and environmental health disparities are structural in nature, and require transformative and innovative solutions that can only be achieved through the united efforts of multiple member-led organizations, working alongside their allies. This usually requires developing long-term strategic relationships of trust between groups, values and theory of change alignment and creating the space for creativity. And yet, grassroots membership-based organizations seldom receive funding to work together in deep partnership.

The Social and Economic Justice Fund at Common Counsel Foundation is intended to provide the support grassroots groups need to amplify their efforts by joining together to win transformative change.

History: The Social and Economic Justice Fund at Common Counsel Foundation was founded in 1999 as a joint program between the former Progressive Way of the Bay Area and the Common Counsel Foundation. While the fund was initially focused on Bay Area-based collaborations, it is now supporting collaboration and movement building locally and nationally. It is funded by individual donors. Proposals are accepted by invitation only.

Since 2000, Common Counsel’s SEJ Fund has made 83 grants totaling $223,750.

Growing SEJ

If you would like to support expanded collaboration among community organizations to advance social and economic justice by joining as a contributor to this Fund, please visit our donor information page.

2011 – 2014 SEJ Grants List