Growing Resources for Native-led Change

NVR sees record number of proposals

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Native Voices Rising Sees Record Number of Proposals

Native Voices Rising (NVR), which makes grants to Native-led organizing and advocacy in partnership with Native Americans in Philanthropy, saw a greater than two-fold increase in the total number of proposals received at the close of the application period. 

NVR is now delving into its community review phase, with grants to be disbursed by November 2017. Contributions toward the pool received by September 15, 2017, can enable NVR to support more of the applicants in its 2017 pool. You can make a tax-deductible contribution online or by mail, or by contacting us.

Note that funding from mainstream institutions to Native American causes (which includes funding that supports groups that are not Native-led) hovers at 0.5% of total philanthropic dollars. This is not proportional to the size of the Native population and its current needs, nor is it adequate to redress historic harms.

Welcome Windrose Fund of Common Counsel Foundation

We are pleased to announce the addition of the Windrose Fund at Common Counsel Foundation. 

Windrose is an agile fund committed to building longstanding trust-basedrelationships. The windrose itself is symbolic as a wayfinding device and visual of intersection. A windrose maps 8 major winds and sometimes half winds, circular in format they show the frequency of winds blowing from different directions (N, S, E, W, NE, NW, SE, SW). The Fund’s vision is not limited by particular issue areas, rather working from an understanding that everything interrelates. When people heal the land heals, when the land heals people heal.

Community-Led Grantmaking Presentation

Join us at the CHANGE Unity Summit, taking place in New Orleans between September 17-20, where CCF will host a learning session on September 19 from 10:00-11:30am, as part of Track A.

CCF is a part of a larger conversation about democratizing capital, which includes a spectrum of approaches. One way that CCF helps to embody this principle is by engaging community stakeholders in grant decisions. To that end, CCF will host a session exploring models of community-centered and community-led grantmaking on a panel entitled “Agents of Change: Using Community-Driven Grantmaking”, during which four models will be presented, including Native Voices Rising’s regional community application review process.

Common Counsel Appoints Ed Lee as Trustee

Common Counsel recently appointed Ed Lee as a Trustee. Ed Lee serves as the CFO and Director of Administration for Greenbelt Alliance. 

Ed Lee has extensive experience in non-profit management, most recently at Public Advocates Inc., which works on a variety of equity issues including affordable housing and public transit.

Over his 19-year career, he has worked with social justice organizations including Californians for Justice, the Center for Third World Organizing, and the Korean Community Center of the East Bay, as well as the Tides Foundation and the Contra Costa Child Care Council. In 2003, Ed served as statewide coordinator of the successful No on Proposition 54 campaign, defeating a ban on state and local government collecting or using information related to race and ethnicity. He has also served on a number of non-profit boards. Formerly an Emergency Medical Technician, Ed holds an M.A. in Physiology from Boston University and B.A. in Psychology from Oberlin College.