Sponsored Projects - Common Counsel Foundation

Common Counsel Foundation helps build the capacity of social justice organizations. We provide fiscal sponsorship and operational support so organizations can continue to deepen and expand their organizing and movement building work.

Kindle Project

Kindle Project is an outside-the-box grantmaking organization supporting wild solutions, by unusual suspects, in the attempt to move mountains.

They believe in a creative cross-pollination of ideas in a plurality of disciplines. Driven by a belief in unconventional alliances, they often experiment and partner with the strange, the bizarre, and the unpolished. They support underdogs and those that go against the grain working towards vibrant solutions and alternatives—recognizing that systems in crisis need brave ideas.

Movement for Black Lives

The Movement for Black Lives (M4BL), formed in 2014, is an ecosystem of over 150 organizations that provides the infrastructure for Black-led movement building across the country. M4BL works to create a shared movement-wide strategy for how to improve the lives of all Black people. M4BL’s ecosystem represents organizations that coordinate actions, messages, and campaigns across the United States. This movement is driven by leadership anchored to eight tables that help coordinate members and recommend strategy: 1) Policy, 2) Organizing & Base Building, 3) Electoral Justice, 4) Cross-Movement & Multi-Racial Solidarity, 5) Resource, 6) Abolishing Patriarchal Violence, 7) Mass Engagement, and 8) Strategy.

RoadMap Consulting

RoadMap exists to provide this support through high-impact, relevant and integrated consulting services. As a team of capacity-builders “indigenous” to social justice and movement-building, RoadMap understands the organizational goals, strategies, structures and cultures particular to social justice organizations. As such, RoadMap is able to engage deeply with clients to provide precisely tailored capacity-building that fits their needs.

Windcall Institute

Windcall Institute and the Windcall Residency Program help organizers and leaders in the social, economic and environmental justice movements stay in their work for the long haul, maximizing their contribution to solving the nation’s pressing issues. Windcall inspires leaders to:

  • Rediscover their purpose and direction, moving from burnout to renewed energy
  • Continue in their leadership role, keeping their organizations stable and vibrant
  • Innovate and launch new efforts
  • Create work cultures that are more sustainable for social justice organizers