F4ICA Announces First Round of $1.7 Million in Grants in New Community-Designed Five-Year Phase

These grants signify the launch of the Fund's next phase, focused on growing interconnected organizing efforts in California toward permanently affordable housing.

Power-building, community-driven housing innovations, and intersectional organizing at the center of the community-designed strategies to address California’s housing crisis

Oakland, CA – Today, the Fund for an Inclusive California announced the first $1.7 million in grants to support local, regional and state-wide community organizing efforts for housing justice and equitable development across the state. These grants signify the launch of the Fund’s next five-year phase, designed by community partners and focused on growing interconnected organizing efforts in California toward a variety of solutions for permanently affordable housing.

The Fund for an Inclusive California, a program of the Common Counsel Foundation’s Housing Justice Initiative, is a pooled fund building on the first phase of funder partners who remain supportive, including The California Endowment, Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, The James Irvine Foundation, The Weingart Foundation, and the San Francisco Foundation. In its previous five-year phase, the fund raised $13 million to grow community power for housing efforts from a diverse range of foundations.

The community partners funded in this first $1.7 million in grants collectively reach tens of thousands of low-income Black, Indigenous, People of Color Californians. In the last four years, organizations supported by the Fund have secured impressive and unprecedented wins at the local and state levels, from first-ever renter protections and tenant unions in the Central Valley, Inland Region and Bay Area, to influencing Covid-19 recovery dollars, to Measure U-LA, which won in Los Angeles last fall and will raise hundreds of millions of dollars to support affordable housing and reduce homelessness through a transfer tax on luxury real-estate transactions. 

The Central Valley and Inland Region are particular focuses for support in this phase of the Fund, with organizations tackling eviction, housing insecurity, and displacement by harnessing the power of the very communities that endure the state’s most intractable challenges.

California has the second-highest homelessness rate in the nation. As of 2022, 30% of all people in the U.S. experiencing homelessness live in the state, including half of all unsheltered people. For Californians who are housed, nearly half (45.5%) are renters, making renter power and protections critical for their stability and livelihoods, especially against the outsized role of the speculative housing market. 

The Fund for an Inclusive California’s current work builds on its last five years of co-led efforts with organizations growing the power of people at the frontlines of displacement and housing policies. In the coming months the Fund will announce its governance structure for this phase which will be a blend of community partners and funders. 

Learn more about the Fund at f4ica.commoncounsel.org. Full list of nonprofits in this round of grants, here.

About Fund for an Inclusive California

The Fund for an Inclusive California advances racial and economic equity by supporting power building of communities of color. The Fund is a program of Common Counsel Foundation. Since 2017, we have aligned funders to support an ecosystem of housing justice efforts led by communities across California, making $13 million in grants. The community partners are organizing to protect tenants, preserve and produce affordable housing for low and extremely low-income residents, and advancing equitable development policies that prioritize the long-term well-being of all Californians. Learn more at F4ICA.CommonCounsel.org