Fund for An Inclusive California - Common Counsel Foundation

We believe that the people who bear the brunt of unjust housing policies and the negative impacts of profit-driven development should have power to determine what development looks like in their neighborhoods. That’s why we are committed to supporting long-term power-building and organizing infrastructure in California.

We are excited to support funders as they deepen their racial justice, housing justice and power-building work by sharing the Fund for an Inclusive California’s journey, in the new report, Funding Housing Justice for Thriving Communities: Reflections on the first three years of learning and funding in partnership with housing justice organizations

This report shares the journey of the Fund for an Inclusive California and how we have approached funding power-building efforts in California. In this report, we share the genesis of the Fund, the design and development of our strategies with community partners, and focus largely on key findings from a two-year period of listening and learning alongside community leaders across California, with close attention paid to community responses to the unprecedented events of 2020-2021 unleashed by the COVID-19 pandemic and systemic police violence against Black communities.

We hope you will read it and learn more about our community partners and how to support community organizing and power building strategies in your work. Please let us know if you would like to discuss the report or findings further, contact the F4ICA team at [email protected].

The Fund for an Inclusive California is a collaborative funding initiative co-designed with grassroots leaders to advance racial and economic equity by building the power of communities of color to achieve housing justice.

Anchored in a power-building framework, we focus on investing in the leadership of communities directly affected by unjust and racist housing policies, so that they may harness their individual and collective power to ensure that all people regardless of income have a safe, healthy, affordable, and stable place to call home. 

F4ICA is a pooled fund made up of diverse foundations that are committed to racial and economic justice and dedicated to supporting community-driven solutions. The launch of the next phase of the Fund for an Inclusive California is being designed to enable greater strategic coordination, leverage new resources, continue shared learning, and help lift up best practices for:

  • Building power in low-income communities and communities of color
  • Supporting local, regional, statewide and national alliance building
  • Strengthening the infrastructure for advancing equity in California
  • Successful community-centered equitable development and housing rights campaigns and
    implementation from the local to the statewide level
  • Co-design of funding strategies and priorities with community leaders
  • Partnership between national, statewide and local funders

To learn more about the Fund for Inclusive California, please contact [email protected].