Native Voices Rising - Common Counsel Foundation

Native Voices Rising (NVR) is a research and re-granting project of Common Counsel Foundation and Native Americans in Philanthropy that is designed to strengthen philanthropic support for grassroots groups led by and for Native communities, including American Indian, Alaska Native, and Native Hawaiian communities. NVR launched in mid-2013, with the publication of a report and website.

The 2017 cycle for Native Voices Rising is now closed. To learn more about the grants awarded and find application information, visit the Native Voices Rising website.

Native Voices Rising provides a mechanism for donors to invest in organizations led by and composed of Native people who are united in building power to win progressive social change. Furthermore, NVR employs a community-led grantmaking approach with Native community members serving on regional committees that make grant recommendations.
Purposes of the collaboration include:

  • Profiling Native-led community organizing and advocacy by identifying strong groups and highlighting issues of importance to them,
  • Educating funders and deepening the contextual understanding of native community engagement within the philanthropic sector,
  • Developing new funding support for Native-led social change groups that are engaging community members in taking collective action to improve their lives, including by impacting the rules that govern them,
  • Providing the opportunity for funders to invest in Native-led organizing and advocacy efforts through a re-granting pool that conducts the due diligence on applicants on behalf of its funding partners, and
  • Modeling a community-driven approach to funding that creates more power from the community within the grant making process.

Please Visit the Native Voices Rising website to learn more.