Executive Search

New Chapter, Same Commitment to Social Justice

We are looking for our next executive director, who will help to define the next era of leadership and partnership in social justice philanthropy.

A note from Peggy

Common Counsel Foundation’s long history of supporting grassroots organizing towards social, racial and environmental justice was the compelling call for me to join as interim executive director over three years ago. It has been an amazing journey during one of the most tumultuous times in our country’s history I have been fundamentally changed by the CCF community and each person that comprises it.

Dear Friends, Allies, Partners, 

I’m writing to share that I will be stepping down from my role as interim executive director of Common Counsel Foundation at the end of 2022. CCF’s long history of supporting grassroots organizing towards social, racial and environmental justice was the compelling call for me to join as interim executive director over three years ago. It has been an amazing journey during one of the most tumultuous times in our country’s history. I have been fundamentally changed by the CCF community and each person that comprises it. 

We have broadly framed this period of CCF’s development as “From Scarcity to Collective Abundance.” You have supported us through this period as we have continued to build our capacity, improve our work and seek organizational solutions that can benefit all of our partners. Through your efforts and the leadership of CCF Board and Staff it is significant to highlight these accomplishments. We have: 

  • Increased CCF grantmaking output to frontline organizations in Black, Indigenous and People of Color communities during the initial surge of the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • Grown the CCF community of donors, funders and fiscally-sponsored projects, increasing CCF’s work in issues such as Black power-building, anti-militarism, mental health, public education and so many others.
  • Celebrated ten years of Native Voices Rising, with over $2 million in grants to Native-led social change groups in 2021 and a $10 million campaign in 2022 to commemorate its 10th anniversary.
  • Successfully implemented – and completed – the four-year $12 million Fund for an Inclusive California, whose community partners are now envisioning the next ten years of action for the housing rights movement in California.
  • Grown to a staff of 20 with a senior team and key staff across the organization to shepherd and grow CCF’s practice, to increase and facilitate resources to our community partners.

It took a lot of collective effort, humility, and courage to grow our team while strengthening our practice of being led by social movements to advance a broader vision for justice and a regenerative economy. It has changed me profoundly – and certainly for the better. I am so proud to have been a part of this team and the journey we took together. And of course, this work will continue.

At Common Counsel Foundation, we believe that social justice movements are the drivers of lasting social change. The people that are closest to society’s ills have the richest understanding of real-life impacts and truly transformative solutions. Although this is a bittersweet moment for me, I look forward to supporting new leadership and working with all of you to ensure CCF’s relevance in critical thinking, problem-solving and investing resources for a just democracy.

With a grateful heart,

Peggy Saika
Interim Executive Director
Common Counsel Foundation



Peggy has led Common Counsel Foundation with vision, generosity, trust, and most importantly, intention. She has challenged us – Staff and Board – to now do the same. We know that this work is all about relationships. And, that our community holds the most essential ones. Help us find our next leader to carry the torch of progressive philanthropy at CCF.

Dear Friends, Partners and Allies,

We write to share an announcement, a request and a call.

First, the announcement: at the end of 2022, Peggy Saika will be stepping down as the interim executive director of the Common Counsel Foundation (CCF). This is a planned transition, one spurred by Peggy’s own career-long commitment to growing leadership in philanthropy. It’s an embodiment of the way she has led CCF: with vision, generosity, trust, and most importantly, intention. She has challenged us – Staff and Board – to now do the same. And, to look to the future with strength, love and hope. 

It goes without saying that in her tenure, Peggy has transformed CCF. When she joined us at the end of 2018, it was an uncertain and chaotic time for us as an institution and, especially, for our partners on the ground. Peggy understood that the core of our work, getting funds directly to grassroots organizations and to social movements, was more essential than ever. And, she brought all our resources, relationships and 30 years of experience to the task. Under Peggy’s leadership, we are proud to say that CCF has:

  • Grown strong multi-partner collaboratives and pooled funds, leveraging both strategic networks and millions of dollars toward transformative social change.
  • Welcomed new donors, families and philanthropies to our funding community, bringing new resources and new models of giving.
  • Helped to incubate and accelerate social justice movement formations across the country who are building community power.
  • Built a strong, resourceful and skilled team of seasoned movement and philanthropic leaders.
  • Increased our annual grantmaking by 500%, from $4 million in 2017 to $20 million in 2021. Over 80% of those funds ($16 million in 2021 alone) were for general operating support.

We are confident that CCF is in the strongest place it has ever been.

Which brings us to our request: we need all the members of our community to help us as we embark on this new journey. We have hired Strategies for Social Change to help us manage the transition and have formed a Leadership Transition Committee, led by Staff and Board. We know that this work is all about relationships. And, that you all hold the most essential ones. You know CCF. And, our work. We believe that CCF is essential. And, we look forward to welcoming another essential leader. Please share the position announcement widely.

And, finally, a call: for celebration. There will be many ways in the coming months for the CCF community to reflect on, celebrate, and appreciate Peggy. On behalf of the Board of Directors, we want to express our profound gratitude to Peggy for her leadership and love. We look forward to celebrating together soon. Stay tuned!

In Solidarity, 

Alex Tom & China Ching
Chair and Vice Chair, Board of Directors
Common Counsel Foundation 

Application Process

The deadline has passed and we are no longer accepting applications.

The search for CCF’s next ED is in the interview stage. We look forward to updating our community later this Summer. 

More About Common Counsel Foundation

We are trusted by movement leaders


We benefit from deep connection and trust with community leaders who share insights and priorities about the work and context on the ground. As philanthropic advisors, we can connect what we learn from movement partners with the families and people who entrust us to advise their giving.

We have been engaged in social movement work for 33 years


In recent years, we’ve seen uprisings and social movements pushing for systemic change. As many foundations join the work to support movement, CCF has more than three decades of  experience in this work to offer guidance and best practices to support grassroots and movement partners. We promote strategic social justice philanthropy and our granting criteria distinguish the differences between charity and transformation.

We work with a range of stakeholders to achieve our mission


We advise family foundations on their giving, advise donors with funds that are held at CCF, provide fiscal sponsorships and build operational capacity for movement organizations, and are home to multi-funder collaborative initiatives. We welcome more partners to join us.

The depth of expertise and experience of our team


The collective experience of our team combines on-the-ground work in community organizations with philanthropic expertise. Our staff and board have extensive professional knowledge and the nuance of lived experience with the issues that we engage in. We bring deep commitment and personal connection to the work, providing a richer analysis and context to our advising.

How we partner

We work with likeminded funders and donors who keep community priorities at the forefront


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