Partnering to Support Values-Forward Philanthropy

Through our 30-year history, Common Counsel Foundation has developed a reputation for progressive community-oriented philanthropy anchored in grantmaking that is defined not only by who we fund, but also by the principles and practices that guide how we do our work. 

Common Counsel Foundation partners with families and individual donors to expand philanthropic resources for progressive social movements. We are a home to many families and foundations helping translate values into practice. We build organizational infrastructure for family foundations, and support trustees with the information and infrastructure for grantmaking.

We are excited to welcome these new partners to the Common Counsel Foundation community.

Visionary Freedom Fund 

The Visionary Freedom Fund is a space for youth organizers, funders, and racial justice leaders to come together to learn about what it takes to resource and support the visionary transformation of the youth justice system and at the intersections of gender, race, and economy. Young people are being politicized and tapping into a new imagination— from living through trauma caused by the carceral state to reading books, joining organizations and attending and organizing protests and community events.  The Visionary Freedom Fund supports organizations building power, developing or cultivating new visions, ideas or frameworks developed by directly impacted young people, leading transformative work. 

Tykeson Family Foundation

The Tykeson Family Foundation strives to make a difference by improving lives and supporting communities. The family focuses on three priority areas, including improving access to educational opportunities for children, investing in health outcomes, and supporting arts organizations that benefit priority populations.

Colombe Peace Foundation

Colombe Peace Foundation supports organizations working for a shift from wasteful military spending to investments in programs that create real national security grounded in meeting human and environmental needs. It further supports organizations that advocate for foreign policy that is balanced with diplomacy and prevention rather than dominated by Cold War threats, war and aggression. Colombe Peace Foundation believes that American citizens, working through non-governmental organizations, can bring about these changes using the tools of our democracy. 

We welcome these foundations to our community and hope more partners join us and join the growing pool of resources to support transformative social change. 

To learn more about Common Counsel Foundation’s work with family foundations or other philanthropic services, please reach out to us at [email protected]