The Climate Crisis Demands a National Black Climate Agenda

Op-Ed by Colette Pichon Battle in The Hill announcing the Red, Black and Green New Deal, a climate agenda

Climate change is not an isolated crisis — it is a symptom of our economic system. That system has jeopardized the future of life on this planet. 

According to two independent, globally reviewed and scientifically-based reports give us less than a decade before we reach the point of no return with the global climate crisis. The International Intergovernmental Panel on the Climate Crisis (IPCC) 2018 Special Report together with the 2018 US Fourth National Climate Assessment report bring to terrifying clarity what scientists and climate activists have been saying for decades. The climate is going through human accelerated change that threatens all life on earth.

Read the full piece from Colette Pichon Battle, Esq. founder and executive director of the Gulf Coast Center for Law & Policy, and sits on the Movement for Black Lives policy table.